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Green and Gracious Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

Green and Gracious - Essay Example oils from hardware and gear, utilized or extra paints containing substantial metals or natural solvents, utilized or spent lead-corrosive batteries, utilized hazardous apparatus cartridge. The capable individual (designer or director) will decide the volume of cement, notwithstanding deciding the last parity zone, to be utilized before submitting a request. A material wastage control structure will be connected while requesting concrete. The capable individual (designer or director) will guarantee that the amount of rebar conveyed is in conformance with the request. Sub-contractual workers will utilize cut and bowed rebar on location to the extent practicable. Sanctuary must be raised at site for safe stockpiling of pre-stuffed concrete by counteraction of direct contact with daylight or downpour water. The capable individual (administrator) will be answerable for checking the amount requested and conveyed nearby. The capable individual (ECO or somewhere in the vicinity) will record squander removal, and keep up and update the waste register at each undertaking. Squanders, for example, steel, cement, or wood will be reused for minimization of waste removal. The mindful individual (ECO, SO, HS, SS) will educate the PM or PIC if any inconsistencies, for example, blending of squanders are found. The capable individual (PM or PIC) will start EHS non-conformance, restorative and preventive activity, and other essential activity for counteraction of repeat when there is disappointment in decrease of materials. The mindful individual (QS) will audit and update the material amount plan dependent on venture progress, and forward the overhauled material amount timetable to the concerned faculty for checking. Metal formwork that can be re-utilized for a few undertakings will be utilized. Formwork will be bolstered by aluminum â€Å"I† shafts and steel rectangular empty segments rather than lumber segments. Precast pre-tensioned piece or empty center chunk will be utilized as a fundamental section framework that additionally goes about as a formwork framework. The dependable individual (PM) will

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Accounting case study Essays

Bookkeeping contextual investigation Essays Bookkeeping contextual investigation Essay Bookkeeping contextual investigation Essay Dear Mr Han I am composing this letter to clarify how the benefit and misfortune record and asset report that you have gotten works. I might want to begin by clarifying what the reason for a benefit and misfortune account is. This makes a precise figuring of the benefit or misfortune made by the business over a specific timeframe. Devaluation in the benefit and misfortune account is the misfortune in estimation of the advantages in the business over some stretch of time. For instance if there is a vehicle or a van in the business the estimation of the vehicle will devalue throughout the years and won't be worth as much with regards to selling it. The exchanging account is the fundamental procedure of a business. This shows how much benefit the association makes by this essential business process, excluding different costs that the business may bring about. A few things that you would discover in an exchanging account are: * Sales receipts for deals for the year * Sales returns sum took care of to clients when things are returned * Purchases for an assembling association this is the estimation of crude materials bought; for an assistance business it would be the expense of things purchased to offer to clients or used to offer a support to clients. The expenses of merchandise sold are determined by opening stock + buys buy returns shutting stock. This is appeared on my model benefit and misfortune account. Overheads are things like lease and rates and they don't change during the time regardless of the amount they sell, there is likewise a model on my benefit and misfortune account. Net benefit is determined by the net deals cost of merchandise sold. Net benefit is determined by net benefit every single other cost that the business brings about. I might want to clarify the various types of salary and consumption that organizations cause. Consumption is any cash spent on any expenses of the business, for example, * Rent * Wages * Petrol Drawings and the expense of fixed resources are not classed as a cost and don't show up in the benefit and misfortune account. Pay is the cash that the business is acquiring for instance through deals. Capital pay is cash or worth added to the business by the proprietor to kick it off or purchase hardware. They can get cash through lease got, which is the point at which a business has a property that they lease to another business, which at that point gives them salary consistently, commission got is the point at which the business may sell an item o an assistance for the benefit of another association and afterward they may get commission for selling different organizations items or administrations. This is a clarification on how you realize that the records balance. Capital + net benefit the sum the proprietor has taken care of = less drawings. So net resources and less drawings are the two figures on the records that must be the equivalent for the record to adjust. I trust that this letter has helped you make sense of how the benefit and misfortune records and accounting report works. Yours earnestly Hannah Clark

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When Do Your Mental Powers Peak

When Do Your Mental Powers Peak Theories Cognitive Psychology Print When Do Your Mental Powers Peak in Life? By Kendra Cherry facebook twitter Kendra Cherry, MS, is an author, educational consultant, and speaker focused on helping students learn about psychology. Learn about our editorial policy Kendra Cherry Updated on December 07, 2019 Frazer Hudson / Getty Images More in Theories Cognitive Psychology Behavioral Psychology Developmental Psychology Personality Psychology Social Psychology Biological Psychology Psychosocial Psychology At what point in your life do different mental powers peak? Some of the earliest intelligence tests simply categorized all people over the age of 16 as adults. Today, researchers recognize that the brain continues to develop and change throughout early adulthood and that there are significant changes in how the brain functions as people age. Still, we often tend to think of the adult brain as a relatively stable and unchanging thing, suggesting that various mental abilities are simply static, or even on the decline, throughout most of adulthood. Conventional ideas about intelligence often suggest that people hit their mental peak fairly early in life and then follow a long, slow decline into old age. There is also a tendency to believe that certain mental abilities, such as fluid intelligence, typically peak relatively early in adulthood. Crystallized intelligence, on the other hand, is  often suggested to peak during late adulthood. According to some experts, this long-held dichotomy might be far too simplistic. Researchers Joshua Hartshorne and Laura Germine utilized a large pool of online participants to gather information about exactly what ages certain mental abilities are the strongest. What they discovered was that there was a surprising consistency to when particular abilities typically peak. Some Mental Abilities Peak Much Later in Life According to the study published in the journal Psychological Science, different aspects of fluid intelligence peak at different ages, with some abilities hitting their apex as late as age 40. “At any given age, you’re getting better at some things, you’re getting worse at some other things, and you’re at a plateau at some other things. There’s probably not one age at which you’ve peaked on most things, much less all of them,” explained researcher Joshua Hartshorne of MIT and one of the studys authors. Hartshorne had previously found that visual short-term memory peaks in the mid-30s before beginning to go down. In a 2011 study, Germine found that the ability to recognize faces also improves until people are in their early 30s and then begins to gradually decline. Digging deeper, the two began looking at archival data from older intelligence tests. What they discovered was that there appeared to be no single mental peak. Instead, different abilities seemed to peak at wildly different and sometimes surprising ages. These results helped inspire their further investigation into how mental abilities change with age. Large Online Samples Offered a Unique Look at Mental Abilities The latest study was able to draw on a large online sample of participants who utilized the websites and Using the approach, the researchers were able to gather data from nearly 50,000 people across a wide range of ages. Four different types of cognitive tasks were used as well as one task that looked at the ability to detect the emotional states of other people. Hartshorne and Germines earlier research had shown that these tasks measured mental abilities that change as people age. The results revealed what the researchers called considerable heterogeneity in when cognitive abilities peak. When Do Mental Powers Peak? Among the key findings from the latest study and earlier research: 18-19: Information-processing speed peaks early, then immediately begins to decline.25: Short-term memory gets better until around age 25. It remains fairly steady until it begins to decline around age 35.30: Memory for faces peaks and then starts to gradually decline.35: Your short-term memory begins to weaken and decline.40s-50s: Emotional understanding peaks in middle to later adulthood.60s: Vocabulary abilities continue to increase.60s and 70s: Crystallized intelligence, or accumulated knowledge and facts about the world, peaks late in life. While the results that crystallized intelligence peaks later in life are consistent with earlier findings, this study implies that this peak occurs much later in life than previously believed. What could explain this late peak in mental abilities? The researchers suggest that their results might be due to the fact that people today have more education, greater access to information, and more mentally demanding jobs than did previous generations of adults. The results suggest that while older brains might indeed be slower, they are likely to still be more accurate, knowledgeable, and better able to assess the moods and emotional states of others. The researchers are continuing their online research by introducing more cognitive tasks as well as tests designed to measure language abilities, executive function, and social and emotional intelligence. They also agree that further investigations are needed to determine exactly why mental powers peak at different ages. We took the existing theories that were out there and showed that they’re all wrong. The question now is: What is the right one? To get to that answer, we’re going to need to run a lot more studies and collect a lot more data,” said Hartshorne.

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Dubai - Ten Geographic Facts

Dubai is the largest emirate based on the population of the United Arab Emirates. As of 2008, Dubai had a population of 2,262,000. It is also the second largest emirate (behind Abu Dhabi) based on land area. Dubai is located along the Persian Gulf and it is considered to be within the Arabian Desert. The emirate is known around the world as a global city as well as a business center and financial center. Dubai is also a tourist destination due to its unique architecture and construction projects like the Palm Jumeirah, an artificial collection of islands constructed in the Persian Gulf to resemble a palm tree. The following is a list of ten more geographic facts to know about Dubai: The first mention of the Dubai region dates back to 1095 in the Andalusian-Arab geographer Abu Abdullah al Bakris Book of Geography. By the late 1500s, Dubai was known by traders and merchants for its pearl industry.In the early 19th century, Dubai was officially established but it was a dependent of Abu Dhabi until 1833. On January 8, 1820, the sheikh of Dubai signed the General Maritime Peace Treaty with the United Kingdom. The treaty gave Dubai and the other Trucial Sheikhdoms as they were known protection by the British military.In 1968, the U.K. decided to end the treaty with the Trucial Sheikhdoms. As a result, six of them -- Dubai included -- formed the United Arab Emirates on December 2, 1971. Throughout the rest of the 1970s, Dubai began to grow considerably as it gained revenue from oil and trading.Today Dubai and Abu Dhabi are two of the strongest emirates in the United Arab Emirates and as such, they are the only two that have veto power in the countrys federal legislatur e.Dubai has a strong economy that was built on the oil industry. Today however only a small portion of Dubais economy is based on oil, while the majority is focused on real estate and construction, trade and financial services. India is one of Dubais largest trading partners. In addition, tourism and the related service-sector are other large industries in Dubai.As mentioned, real estate is one of the major industries in Dubai, and it is also a part of the reason why tourism is growing there. For example, the worlds fourth tallest and one of the most expensive hotels, the Burj al Arab, was built on an artificial island off the coast of Dubai in 1999. In addition, luxury residential structures, including the tallest man-made structure the Burj Khalifa or Burj Dubai, are located throughout Dubai.Dubai is located on the Persian Gulf and it shares a border with Abu Dhabi to the south, Sharjah to the north and Oman to the southeast. Dubai also has an exclave called Hatta which is located about 71 miles (115 km) east of Dubai in the Hajjar Mountains.Dubai originally had an area of 1,500 square miles (3,900 sq km) but due to land reclamation and the construction of the artificial islands, it now has a total area of 1,588 square miles (4,114 sq km).Dubais topography mainly consists of fine, white sandy deserts and a flat coastline. East of the city, however, there are sand dunes that are made up of darker reddish sand. Farther east from Dubai is the Hajjar Mountains which are rugged and undeveloped.The climate of Dubai is considered hot and arid. Most of the year is sunny and summers are extremely hot, dry and sometimes windy. Winters are mild and do not last long. The average August high temperature for Dubai is 106ËšF (41ËšC). Average temperatures are over 100ËšF (37ËšC) from June through September however, and the average January low temperature is 58ËšF (14ËšC).

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Assess some of the ways in which Third World Debt might...

Assess some of the ways in which Third World Debt might be reduced. Despite the overwhelming number of statistics and indicators, global poverty is as hard to measure as it is to conceptualize. One fact is undeniable: someone is going to have to pay for past debts. It could be the people in debtor countries, or the banks, or the people in advanced industrial countries. Most likely it will be some combination of these three groups. In the last ten years, there have been a variety of proposals which, unfortunately, usually reflect only the special interests of the groups proposing them. Generally speaking, these solutions fall into three categories: repudiation, minor adjustments in repayments, or reduction. A report â€Å"Relief†¦show more content†¦There have been no serious proposals for a widespread and coordinated repudiation of global debt. Repudiation would seriously disrupt global economic relations, probably far beyond the immediate losses of the debts themselves. Retaliations would follow, because it would be politically impossible for lenders not to react, and because there would be a conscious effort to warn other potential defaulters against similar action. The escalation of economic warfare would have the effect of sharply reducing international economic interactions in trade, investment, and exchange. Such an outcome is in no ones interest. There is nothing to guarantee that the countries wont simply get into debt all over again and continue to owe more allegiance to first world elites than to their own people. Repudiation also lets off the hook the World Bank, IMF and commercial lenders who created these injudicious loans in the first place. Another option would be to cancel debt with conditions. Part of the cycle is that as countries get deeper in debt and grow more impoverished as they try to repay, the lenders impose a whole new range of what they say are anti-poverty and anti-corruption conditions, but which most often have other agendas, such as opening up poor countries to multi-national companies. Therefore a proactive proposal that meets several criteria needs to be developed in order for this method to beShow MoreRelatedThe Fundamental Role Of Bank1240 Words   |  5 Pagesa modern economy world, banks have been engaged in further business activities apart from their core business of deposit-taking, lending and providing service in relation with the current account. The more variety of banking business in nowadays includes derivatives trading, investment management and one of the most outstanding financial activity is securitization. Therefore, as bank becomes a multifunctional financial institution the question has been raise as to whether some extra activitiesRead MoreSatyam Scandal1623 Words   |  7 Pagesfraudulent activities? In today’s material world, many companies give an extra focus on how they could achieve high profit from their business. This profit will determine the number of earning they make. Lenders and investors almost always look at the quality of this figure to assess the â€Å"health† of a company. For instance, an investor would attract to invest in a company that has high liquid ratio because they have the ability to meet its debt obligation in time compared to a company with lowRead MoreEssay about ATT Case Study2365 Words   |  10 Pagesin the world with total assets of $137.8 billion and revenue of $58.1 billion. Given the size of the company they had hired a total of 1,060,378 workers. With a total number of 3,055,495 shareholders, where 95.3% held less than 600 shares each. Ever since 1885 ATT had continued to pay its dividend to the shareholders, they never lowered the payment. The divestiture that ATT experienced was a result of an agreement of the Justice Departme nt’s antitrust suit against the company in 1982, which requiredRead MoreReflecting Uncertainty in Valuations for Investment Purposes6941 Words   |  28 PagesA brief guide for users of valuations Nick Bywater MRICS This guide is prepared for the beneï ¬ t of valuers and other users of valuations to provide a general understanding of the concept of uncertainty and the methods by which uncertainty, in valuations for investment purposes, may be identiï ¬ ed and communicated with clarity. It is not intended to provide training in valuation techniques but rather to give valuation surveyors, and other users of valuations, a general understandingRead MoreCredit Rating Agencies : Financial Markets2203 Words   |  9 Pagessignificant role in financial markets around the world since the beginning of the twentieth century. The industry of credit rating originated when John Moody, a Wall Street analyst and the institutor of one of the biggest CRAs in present day, introduced a system of credit rating for railroad bonds by publishing â€Å"Moody’s Manual of Industrial and Miscellaneous Securities† in 1909. Until today, there are now approximately 150 CRAs operating around the world. Despite the fact that CRAs are now a crucialRead MoreDebt and Project7455 Words   |  30 Pagesspecifically, PDVSA s subsidiary Maraven would enter into a joint venture agreement with Conoco Inc., petroleum subsidiary of one of the world s largest chemical producers, E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company (DuPont). The project targeted the Orinoco Belt, located in the middle of Venezuela, which held the largest reserves of heavy/extra heavy oil in the world. After its completion, the project would be a fully integrated facility, covering production, transportation, and refining of crude oil.Read MoreBp Amoco7965 Words   |  32 Pages9-201-054 REV : M A Y 4, 2010 B ENJA M IN E ST Y M ICHA EL K A NE BP Amoco (A): Policy Statement on the Use of Project Finance As two of the largest oil and gas firms in the world, The British Petroleum Company p.l.c. (BP) and Amoco Corporation (Amoco) had a long history of competitive encounters. This rivalry continued into the 1990s in a variety of locations ranging from the United States to the North Sea to, more recently, the Caspian Sea—a region that had opened up to exploration by WesternRead MoreEnron Case2186 Words   |  9 Pagesand â€Å"special purpose entities†, which would later become known as the LJM partnership. Taking advantage from the SPEs’s main purpose, which provided the companies with a mechanism to raise money for various needs without having to report the debt in their balance sheets, Enron’s CFO directly ran these partnerships and designed them to purchase the underperforming assets (such as Enrons poorly performing stocks and stakes). Although being recorded as related third parties, these partnerships wereRead MoreGlobal Financial Crisis and Its Impact on India4465 Words   |  18 Pagesbetween the crisis in the advanced countries and the developments in India. While in the advanced countries the contagion traversed from the financial to the real sector, in India the slowdown in the real sector is affecting the financial sector, which in turn, has a second-order impact on the real sector. The global financial crisis has started in August 2007 when the ‘sub-prime mortgage’ crisis first surfaced in the US. In fact, the RBI was raising interest rates until July 2008 with the viewRead MoreHolding Company Liability for Debts of Its Subsidiaries15140 Words   |  61 PagesBond Law Review Volume 10 | Issue 2 Article 6 12-1-1998 Holding Company Liability for Debts of its Subsidiaries: Corporate Governance Implications Damien Murphy Follow this and additional works at: Recommended Citation Murphy, Damien (1998) Holding Company Liability for Debts of its Subsidiaries: Corporate Governance Implications, Bond Law Review: Vol. 10: Iss. 2, Article 6. Available at: This

Agriculture of CA and the Pacific Northwest Free Essays

Since the dawn of civilization, man has always been searching for techniques to have a system of food channeling. Agriculture provided the requisite respite from hunting and gave mankind the necessary support. The United States of America, had agriculture as an integral part of the system and certain states have more affinity towards farming than others. We will write a custom essay sample on Agriculture of CA and the Pacific Northwest or any similar topic only for you Order Now Agriculture in California and Pacific Northwest has had its share ups and downs and both the regions have seen newer developments in agriculture due to newer laws and advances. â€Å"Agriculture of CA and the Pacific Northwest† One of the most intriguing occupation, that has not only been age old but also the most satisfying, has been ‘agriculture’.   California’s agriculture has a very unique history to it. The amount of changes that have taken place over a course of 200 years is enormous, and the agricultural industry has gone through a good and bad tenure during this phase. The changes have been intricate and precise due to a no. of factors.   The alterations in the industry has taken place in the choice of mix of crops; The kind of technology that has been altered from horse driven ploughs to high tech tractors embedded with powerful global positioning satellite guides.; The directional sources of water has been changed along with changes in ownership arrangement.   The face of the industry has completely been changed due to the growing demands of the urban population. But there are some factors of the Californian agriculture that remain the same. These core values have been with agriculture field from the start and have never been part of any change in the system. On a primary level, majority of the farming done in California has always been market eccentric and had never revolved around sustenance of famer’s family which was the basic concept of farming in the pre years of the country. The Farming community of California has always been adaptive and the entrepreneur mentality has always been an integral part of them.   Californian agriculture has always catered to newer markets demands and has always been part of a unique economic agricultural philosophy. Agriculture in CA has provided opportunities of fulfilling local and international market needs. From supplying wheat to Europe to vegetable in Asia, California’s agriculture has been a pioneer for varied markets.   Wine production was also fulfilled by California’s agriculture. Another factor that has been instilled in agriculture in CA is its resource dependency which has been laid out from the olden ages.   The agriculture carried out in California has always been ridden with antagonistic searching of newer lands and water resources.   Lands and water have been exploited before and the case is no different even in the latest times. This factor has been rampant in the agricultural society of California.   An additional factor that has always been with California’s agriculture is how the absence of water has brought a shape to it. Due to the excess demand of California’s agricultural supplies, it has always been in need of apt water resources. This is exactly why California’s agriculture has always been an active participant of water wars both on an internal and external front. Like each industry, the success of production is dependent on the quality of skills and the quantity of labors that one has for effective working of the operation.   California’s agriculture was no different when it came to labor management and problems that were holed up due to the deficiency of requisite manpower. Due to the varied farming and harvesting techniques in California, the dependency on agricultural labor was a crucial factor in the olden times. Today dependency of agricultural labors is still a crucial part of the Californian agriculture, but with lenient immigration laws, the void has been filled by immigrants from Latin America and Asia. These immigrant agricultural labors have been actively operating large scale operations on the land and have been instrumental for specialty crop farms. One of the prime decisive factors that have not changed over the course of history is the California’s agriculture’s susceptibility. Farming is one such industry that has always been affected by calamities caused by natural reasons. Agriculture which is wholly dependent on nature’s mercy gets completely dissuaded when natural fury likes floods or droughts occur. Financial crashes also affect agriculture, and California’s agricultural needs have been greatly disturbed by recessions and economic depressions.   It still is at risk when financial market around the world crash, destroying the scope of increasing market needs. California’s agriculture always driven by market needs has always opened up opportunities for functioning of large scale operations. Due to the diversity of operations, agriculture in California has always required specialized management to handle the complexity of such operations and also to monitor the success of these operations. The historic â€Å"Gold rush â€Å", was one of the front running elements that embedded the need for higher technical management in California. With passing of time and advancements in technology, the management that overlooks high end technical operations has been critical for effectuating success. California’s need for higher technologies in agriculture has always been a dominant factor amongst its community. The fact that the entire agriculture has been market oriented, the need to create a niche always existed in the agricultural sector of California. There have always been heavy investments in better technologies and irrigation equipments, large scale operational technologies, pest control are key examples of such technologies.   California agriculture also ventured into food processing and wine making to gratify the market with high end. The capitalist philosophy of California’s agricultural community has been a key element in driving the state towards a technology dependent farming and production. The following will best describe the qualities of a famer, which is best felt by California’s agricultural community: â€Å"The farmer in California, to be successful, must be a skilled agronomist, a careful manager of labor, an astute businessman, a speculator, and certainly an optimist. In recent decades California agriculture has been characterized by a high degree of specialization, seasonality, and reliance (Clarke Chambers. Page 1.1952). How to cite Agriculture of CA and the Pacific Northwest, Papers

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Internet friends real or fake Essay Example

Internet friends real or fake Essay What constitutes a real friendship? In this day and age many people have lots of friends with social media especially Facebook users. Can a friendship through social media replace a friend that you can touch and feel? People use social media websites to keep in touch or reconnect to past acquaintances and follow each others lives. People use social media sites such as facebook, myspace or instgram to keep in touch and follow each others lives. Before these sites or the internet people kept in touch with friends by visiting, calling and writing letters all of which require a real ffort to nurture a friendship. During those times if you werent close friends with someone they would eventually not be part of youre so called friends after sometime. Now you can keep in up with people who would have fallen out of your life before. Now with the click of a button or two you will be friends with anyone anywhere in the world. These friends can offer support in hard times and celebrate with someone when times are good. In Friends with Benefits by Kate Dailey she speaks of friends and how they can support you through social media. One thing that is addressed is Researchers have et to significantly study the social implications of Facebook (Dailey 219). The information provided goes over friends on Facebook and how they be of some support when someone suffers a loss or has something good happen. They might offer support or words of encouragement with a loss which can be helpful. If someone was to lose a Job, spouse, child or some other tragic incident then a person could offer words of encouragement or support. The question is can these online friends help and offer the same support as a friend there in person. We will write a custom essay sample on Internet friends real or fake specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Internet friends real or fake specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Internet friends real or fake specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Having someone ho can offer sincere condolences versus someone who sends a frowning face on a social media website. People usually like to interact with real people during hard times and those friends are people involved in each others lives. Friends that are wanted in our lives will be connected by more than a screen name. During a bad time of someones life they can be helped by many things such as words of encouragement, a shoulder to cry on or a good deed. Online friends can offer typed words of help or encouragement but nothing more really but flesh and blood friends can offer all of that plus the real human interaction. On the opposite side is support when theres good things happening in ones life like kids, Job and other accomplishments. When a goal is met or some other great event occurs in someones life online friends can be supportive with words or smiley faces. Before the internet we wouldnt see our acquaintances very often: every once in a while, we might show up at a wedding and suddenly have 100 of our closest friends around (Daly 219). Theres an endorphin release when people receive good news or words of encouragement but nothing can compare to the feeling for actual human to human contact. Flesh a blood friends can do more than send each other a message or post a comment on a page or picture. Many people gather with their friends and do things such as BBQs, dinners, birthday parties and even go on vacations together. Many friendships are built over time and through ups and downs they share together some over many years. Having online friends express well wishes some success. Looking at online friends one may amass hundreds of these friends but in reality people only have a few good friends according to Shelley E. Taylor, professor of psychology at the University of California, Los Angles (Dailey 219). By having so many so called friends some fell more important but most only keep in contact with a small number of their friends. Its impossible to have more than a few friends in anyones life as there isnt enough time to grow that many relationships. Many people seem to confuse friends and acquaintances in the realm of social media leading them to think they can count on everyone they correspond with on these sites. When you need help can you post on a something like Facebook and count on people outside of your core group of friend showing up to help? Its interesting at how many people use social edia Facebook attracted 67. million visitors in the U. S. in April (according to ComScore Inc. ), and the fastest-growing demographic is people over 35 (Dailey 219). This in itself is interesting but the reason for the old age of the growing population is the connecting with past acquaintances from our past. I did a survey of my friends list and asked why everyone was friends with the people they had chosen to be friends with on Facebook. Many answers were to reconnect with people they had lost contact with while others wanted to see if past relationships had moved up or gone down in their opinion. This part was shocking and funny that some would admit this and it seems many would use friends to check on ex-spouses or ex-lovers. The people with children use Facebook to keep track of their kids friends and families. Another interesting fact was the way military or veterans use Facebook to stay in contact with friends all around the world. One big positive benefit was how many grandparents use Facebook to keep up to date on what their grandchildren are doing which before the internet they waited for a phone call or a letter. Now they can see pictures the day the picture is taken and can essage them with no mail or long distance calls. Can Facebook friends provide the same as a flesh and blood friend? The simple answer is no but there are many variables that must be considered. During a hard time Posting personal experiences, no matter how painful, also allows acquaintances who have lived through similar experiences to reach out, either with information about support groups or Just an empathetic ear. The idea of sharing a commonality helps make it a little more bearable. Youre not alone, and there are others going through what you went through (Dailey 220). This shows that if you allow people to know things are going rough you well have people whoVe gone through similar situations support you and point you in the right direction. Another aspect is you can freely vent frustrations without someone feeling attacked. On the positive side you receive support whether youre dealing with a hard time or a great experience youVe had recently. People can express support or reassurance online but nothing replaces the warm feeling-or brain-boosting endorphins-that come from human-on-human contact, and you cant send someone a casserole through Facebook (Dailey 220). Nothing will ever replace a real friend that you can see and touch no matter what applications or emotions are added. People by nature need to be around others and spend time with people who know us down to the core. Some may have hundreds of you are more involved than an online friend that may Just be there to wish you well, say happy birthday because Facebook told them it was your birthday and to give some condolences. A real friend will come sit and listen during a tough phase, bring you food to eat when youre sick or come to see the new baby you Just had at the ospital. Real friends you can call in the middle of the night for anything and theyll be there to help you were a online friend might send you a message or comment in a few days or weeks. Humans speak more in actions than they do with words and the majority of our communication is nonverbal than it is actual verbal communication. Cited Work Dailey, Kate. Friends with Benefits: Do Facebook Friends Provide the Same Support as Those in Real Life. Writing Today. Ed. Richard Johnson-Sheehan and Charles Paine. Upper Saddle River: Pearson, 2010. 218-221. Print